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Dark Sky

Three New DLC Resources To Fight Light Pollution

The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) has been busy creating resources to fight light pollution. Here are three recent examples: Seven Strategies to Minimize Negative Impacts of Outdoor Light at Night. This whitepaper provides an overview of the types of light pollution that affect outdoor environments. It has high-level information for energy efficiency program staff, contractors, distributors, [...]

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National Dark Sky Law Proposed In New Zealand

A group of dark sky advocates in New Zealand is actively advocating for a national law to promote dark skies and reduce light pollution. They recently published a document explaining dark skies and making the case for a national law in New Zealand. This month they launched a parliamentary petition to advocate for national legislation [...]

Dark Sky, Legislation + Regulation

DLC Compiles Outdoor Lighting Ordinances Across The US & Canada

The DLC compiled a list and interactive maps of locations with published outdoor lighting ordinances to mitigate light pollution. These maps show states, provinces, and cities/towns, throughout Canada and the U.S., with outdoor lighting ordinances. States and provinces shaded blue have a statewide/provincewide policy. The round markers indicate cities, towns, and counties with an ordinance. [...]

Dark Sky, Energy + Environment

Federal Government Develops Window Film To Prevent Bird Collisions With Windows

It has been well documented that artificial light at night (ALAN) can disorient birds and increase bird collisions with buildings, especially windows. The reflectance of windows can lead birds to not realize that windows are solid objects to be avoided. New window film developed by the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) can prevent deadly bird-window collisions.

Dark Sky

Impacts Of Nighttime Lighting On Ecosystems & Wildlife

The DLC has released a recording of their March webinar about the Impacts of Nighttime Lighting on Ecosystems and Wildlife. They’ve also printed a summary of the webinar information on their website.

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Innovative Outdoor Lighting Design Nominated For Award

A bat ‘superhighway’ with specially tuned lighting has been nominated for a Build Back Better Award., a London-based awards program.

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Lights Out Programs Continue To Spread Across North America

The FLAP program in Toronto was the first to raise awareness of the problem lights pose for birds in an urban center, starting in 1993. In 1999, Audubon and its partners established the first Lights Out program in Chicago. Since then, groups in many other cities have organized programs to make a difference for birds

Dark Sky, Research

IDA Releases 2022 State of the Science Report On Light Pollution

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) released the “Artificial Light at Night: State of the Science 2022” report, earlier this month. It is a high-level overview of the best scientific understanding of how artificial light at night affects the nighttime environment. It finds the world transformed by electric light in less than 150 years since its introduction.

Awards, Dark Sky

2022 Dark Sky Awards Now Taking Submissions

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) is now accepting nomination submissions for their 2022 Awards & Recognition Program.


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