The Evolution Of CEA Crops

  The types of crops grown indoors are evolving as agricultural technology advances and the demand for local food increases across North America. Crops typically grown in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) facilities include: Leafy Greens: Lettuce, spinach, kale, arugula, and other salad greens are some of the most commonly grown crops in CEA facilities. Herbs: [...]

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VC Funding Plummets For Indoor Farming

Venture capital funding of indoor farming companies dropped 91% in Q1 of 2023 compared with Q1 of 2022 (deal value). The deal count in the same time period dropped 70%, from 46 deals in Q1 2022 down to 14 deals in Q1 2023. Rising energy costs and rising interest rates are both hurting indoor farming [...]

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Interview: Kassim Tremblay, V.P. Of Business Development At Sollum Technologies

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kassim Tremblay, V.P. of Business Development at Sollum Technologies about their approach to smart horticultural lighting for greenhouses and other CEA facilities. They’ve integrated some interesting capabilities. Shiller: Some readers know that Sollum Technologies is an LED grow light manufacturer. Can you please share what makes Sollum unique in [...]

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California Title 24 Regulation Of Grow Lights

California’s energy code, Title 24 2022, became effective January 1st, 2023. In it were new code requirements for indoor horticulture spaces, including grow light requirements. This was in part motivated by a large surge in energy use after the 2018 legalization of recreational cannabis in the State. Urban indoor grow facilities took off and energy [...]

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Horticultural Lighting To Fight Pests

  An area of growing research and practice is using lighting to help control agricultural pests. This can include horticultural lighting in indoor growing facilities (aka controlled environment agriculture or CEA) or nighttime treatment with specific wavelengths on outdoor crops. Greenhouse growers have long known that introducing supplemental grow lights to greenhouses can dramatically change [...]

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Product Monday: NanoLambda Ultra Compact Bluetooth Spectroradiometer

The XL-500 Meter by NanoLambda is an ultra-compact, wearable, wireless battery-operated Spectral Power Distribution or Spectroradiometer (SPD) measurement tool. It uses Bluetooth to upload data and has an internal memory to store over 8,000 measurements on a single battery charge. It captures 340-1,010 nanometer wavelengths in a single reading. The device is groundbreaking in its small [...]

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Tough Times In Horticultural Lighting

There are increasing signs of rough times in the horticultural lighting industry, including cannabis, food, flowers, and other Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) crops. Some examples include: Osram suggesting that growers cannot currently afford the expenditure on LED lighting because rising energy prices are consuming their budgets. Read more here. Signify’s CEO is also seeing a slowing [...]

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Horticultural Lighting Market To Grow As Three More States Legalize Recreational Cannabis

The November mid-term elections were not just politically consequential. They also ushered in cannabis legalization in Maryland and Missouri. Earlier this year, Rhode Island’s legislature and governor enacted legislation legalizing recreational cannabis, as well. These latest three states bring the number of states with legalized recreational cannabis to 21, plus Washington, D.C. and Guam. That [...]

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Musings On The Mega Show MJBizCon 2022

This year’s MJBizCon was a mix of new market enthusiasm subdued by mature market malaise.  Like previous shows, stalwart lighting brands prominently displayed their wares including Gavita, Fluence, HLG, Signify, Fohse, etc.  Booths were massive with most providing sunglasses to avoid the powerful 600W+ rays. A new participant also debuted – Verjure by Acuity Brands [...]

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Ontario Offering New LED Grow Light Incentives To SW Ontario Greenhouses

The Ontario provincial government announced new funding to help greenhouses switch from traditional lighting sources to LEDs. 


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