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A Greener Twist On Light Transmitting Concrete

A Greener Twist On Light Transmitting Concrete

In March of 2023, LightNOW posted about translucent concrete. Today’s story is about a new translucent concrete made with recycled glass instead of optical fibers, fly ash, metallurgical slag, and water filtration sewage sludge to eliminate all cement from the concrete. Using all of these industrial waste materials makes the product extremely green and lower cost.

The researchers behind this new concrete are from the “green” concrete group of the University of Mining and Geology in Vietnam. Then the group thir breakthrough wod prize in the Scientific Innovation Contest 2024. Beneficial properties of the new concrete include good light transmittance, high strength, the use of four industrial wastes, and absolutely no use of cement. The product has good mechanical properties with a compressive strength that can reach 60 MPa based on 10 cm cube test samples.

The researchers created light-transmitting green concrete panels for indoor or outdoor decorative use. The concrete sheets are thin, square, rectangular or hexagonal in shape, with a thickness of about 0.4 – 0.6 inches. The panels are ground and polished, and to protect against any sharp glass edges, a layer of liquid glass is applied to the surface, giving it an attractive shiny finish. The team plans to research new manufacturing methods, creating products that can transmit light in certain directions, creating better lighting effects and patterns.

More information is available here.

Image: University of Mining and Geology, Ngoc Thanh. 



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