A growing number of lighting manufacturers are offering online lighting configurators to simplify selection of lighting by specifiers, facility managers, and even consumers. Here are several examples:

Ace Configurator by American Lighting – This lighting configurator offers a simple step-by-step guide to walk lighting professionals and facility managers through the lighting project, asking straightforward questions such as which color temperature is preferred, and how many feet of linear fixture is needed for the application. Made to be used by beginners and seasoned lighting specifiers alike, it assures that a lighting professional and facility manager has a complete list of materials for a beautiful linear lighting installation.

Using this linear lighting configurator is simple. To start a bill of material, the user decides if they would like to custom cut their fixture to their exact specifications, or if they would like all components delivered in bulk, to be customized in the field. Once that is decided, the ACE system delivers a few more questions about the project, such as “Is the lighting being installed indoors or outdoors?” and “Will the installation environment be dry, damp, or wet environment?” Also, the lighting configurator asks if the facility would like its system to be a simple white-light lighting application, or if the project would like something more complex, such as tunable white or offering color changing.

Once a user selects the perfect linear fixture for their application, the lighting configurator goes further, inquiring how the end user would like to control their lighting, such as user-friendly electronic low voltage (ELV) dimming systems for white light applications or hardwired DMX controls for a color changing project. Once the control protocol has been chosen, the lighting configurator calculates the wattage for the project and suggests the appropriate low voltage power supply best suited for the fixture and control protocol specified. If the project at hand requires a more complex control system, such as a control system for RGBW (red, green, blue, and white) color changing tape light, the lighting configurator will help calculate how many receivers and controllers are recommended based on the number of zones, run lengths, and desired control features. From there, the lighting configurator assists in choosing a proper mounting channel and automatically calculates how many pieces of that channel are required for the project, before jumping into a selection of any additional accessories one may need to complete an installation, such as in-wall rated wire or cord covers.

While this system is currently focused on the specification of LED tape light applications, it will be used in the future for many different linear lighting applications such as LED neon fixtures, 120V tape light, seasonal lighting applications, and more.

Philips Maxos Fusion Configurator by Signify – This lighting configurator calculates bill of materials for the Maxos fusion adaptable LED trunking system, for traditional high bay applications, such as warehouses, grocery stores, and big box retail.

At its heart, it consists of the Maxos fusion rail, the backbone of the trunking infrastructure, Maxos fusion panels that can be mounted flexibly along the length of the backbone and a whole range of mounting accessories to cater to different project requirements.

This configurator has the user select trunk color, if emergency lighting is required, trunk type, cable ducts or guides, types of brackets, number of brackets & distance between them, etc.

Track Lighting Configurator by Astro Lighting – This configurator has you select between suspension or flush mounting, live connectors and live ends for the track, and add spotlight trackheads. It then summarizes all materials needed to order properly.

Image courtesy AmericanLighting.com

Image courtesy Signify / Philips


Image courtesy Astro Lighting