The lighting industry is embracing EV chargers at a remarkable rate, considering they aren’t a lighting product.

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In a recent podcast, Electrical Wholesaler shared the following results of a survey of Top 150 electrical distributors and the interest they’re seeing in EV chargers from their electrical contractor customers. Note the gray bars, below, showing the percentage of contractors already installing each type of EV chargers:


I’ve collected examples, below, of manufacturers, and a lighting e-commerce leader jumping into the EV charger space:

  • Espen Technology is introducing a new line of EV chargers at LFI, next week. Their EV charger dedicated website is


  • Light Efficient Design has a new line of EV Chargers branded as breezEV. Their dedicated EV charger website is

  • Stresscrete offers a streetlight pole with a built-in EV charger, named VoltLock. More information here.


  • The online retailer began selling EV chargers in May, 2022. More information here