A new category of HID replacement lamps has arrived that are definitely not “corn cobs.” They are high lumen output LED filament lamps in traditional HID lamp form factors. I’ve found wattages as high as 42W (LED) that claim to replace up to 175W Metal Halide or HPS system watts (HID lamp + ballast), providing up to 75% energy savings. All of the models that I’ve found are ballast-bypass, 120-277VAC input voltage, Type B. Some lamps are E26 and some are E39/EX39. Here are three early entrants into this new category:

LEDVANCE – Under its Sylvania brand, its ULTRA LED High Lumen Filament Lamps (image above) come in two 26W, ED28 shape models, one clear and one frosted, with a 300o light distribution/beam angle. They’re 153 lpW, phase-cut dimmable, 5000K (only), 4000 lumens, 5-year warranty (NLB Certified Warranty), 25,000 hours L70. More information here.

SATCO – Called Hi-Pro LED Filament Lamps, Satco’s are frosted only, claiming a full 360o beam angle and wet location listed (image directly below). Wattages up to 42W, producing 6000 lumens (143 lpW). More information here.

TCP – Their High Lumen LED Filament Lamps claim 200 lpW and 50,000 hour L70 (image directly below). TCP offers a 2200K CCT to resemble high pressure sodium lamps. Their 30W models in 4000K and 5000K are listed at 6000 lumens. They’re clear glass only, no frosted, in ED17, ED23, and ED28 shapes/sizes. More information here.