Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) announced the launch of Verjure, a professional-grade horticultural LED fixture series, for indoor applications. The Verjure Pro Series LED luminaires are designed to support all stages of plant growth from veg to flower. The Series is available in three different sizes and outputs to support versatility in growing, including indoor warehouse, greenhouse, and vertical racks.

The Verjure Pro Series delivers an ultra-high output of up to 1880 μmol/s at an efficacious 2.8 μmol/j. The output is designed to meet and exceed the output of traditional 1000W HPS grow lights while delivering up to 40% energy savings, contributing to a lower energy bill and operational cost savings, while also enhancing sustainability.

“The Verjure Pro Series was developed using academic-based plant research to determine how best to design an LED horticulture light based on optimal spectral distribution and fixture performance to promote healthy plant growth,” said Jacob Palombo, Director Product Marketing, Acuity Brands Lighting and Controls. “The Verjure Full Range Spectrum™, which contains a higher red photon contribution than what is typically seen in some horticulture LED fixtures on the market, produced up to 27% higher flower yield per dollar of electricity on average compared to high-pressure sodium lighting.”

The Verjure Pro Series LED luminaires are IP66-rated (waterproof listing) and come with a robust 6kV surge protection. Additionally, the Verjure Pro Series LED luminaires can easily be controlled with wireless nLight® AIR controls, which allow users to easily turn fixtures on and off, dim, and adjust output levels. With wireless controls, fixtures can be grouped to respond in unison to commands and/or divided into separate zones of control with independent light output levels and dimming capabilities. A companion CLAIRITY mobile app provides easy start-up, configuration, and modification.

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