This is Howard giving his part of the presentation last year in Las Vegas, with Nick Bleeker, representing LIGHTFAIR, who introduced us, in the background.

For the past two years, Howard Wolfman of LumiSpec Consulting have presented the “What’s New in Lamps and Ballasts” seminar at LIGHTFAIR to audiences as large as 500 show attendees. Howard had done the presentation for a number of years previous to my getting involved, and helped make it the must-see LIGHTFAIR event it is today. I’m glad to be working with him again and presenting on this important topic. Last year’s presentation was very highly rated by attendees.

The seminar presents an unbiased view of the latest developments in lamp and ballast technology over the past 12-18 months along with the implications for how lighting is designed and used. The seminar will cover fluorescent/CFL, HID and LED. New advances will be compared and contrasted with existing technologies and each other, with a focus on lighting quality, energy savings, lamp/ballast/control compatibility, applications and legislative and code compliance.

Learning Objective 1: Learn about the most innovative new product introductions over the past 12-18 months.
Learning Objective 2: Understand how these advances in lamp and ballast technology compare to existing technology.
Learning Objective 3: Understand new technological and legislative trends in lamp and ballast design and their impact on new applications, lighting quality, energy savings and lamp/ballast/control compatibility.
Learning Objective 4: Identify new lamp and ballast types and understand their implications for how lighting is designed and used.

The seminar will be presented Wednesday, May 18, from 4:30 to 6:00 PM. Hope to see you there!