The Department of Energy’s GATEWAY program recently published a new report on a project prominently featuring OLED lighting at the Rochester, NY offices of DeJoy, Knauf & Blood, LLP, an accounting firm. One of the firm’s founding partners, David DeJoy, is also co-founder and CEO of OLEDWorks, the only US-based OLED manufacturer.

Among the key findings:

• The OLED panels are almost all driven by dedicated OLED drivers, and two of the luminaire types incorporate OLED panels with integral drivers, eliminating installation of a remote driver.
• The OLED luminaires are dimmable in almost all areas and exhibit virtually no flicker that would exceed the guidelines of the IEEE Standard P1789-2015 in either maximum or minimum output range of the dimmer.
• In nine months of operation, there have been no OLED panel or driver failures.
• While the efficacies of the OLED luminaires (21-58 lm/W) are well below those of the LED products (80-90 lm/W), projected efficacy for the next generation of OLED panels is 80-90 lm/W.
• The exposed OLED panels deliver soft, minimal-shadow lighting that makes faces and expressions visible and increases room brightness by delivering light to vertical surfaces. At the panel luminances used, this is achieved without employees reporting glare.
• Feedback from employees indicates they find the lighting system functional and enjoyable.

Click here to read the report.