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Message from Marsha Turner, IALD Exec. VP, on Texas HB2649

Excerpted from IALD Reflections, the newsletter of the IALD: Thank you, all of you, who took the time to weigh in on this issue. Your efforts, and those of our colleagues in the entertainment lighting industry, and members of the ALA, ESTA, IES and many other organizations, have paid off. I am pleased that we […]

Texas Regulation of Lighting Design: What’s Next

I got an email this morning explaining why Senator Averitt added the language to the bill. Apparently, residential builders and owners in the Senator’s district had complained about people representing themselves as lighting designers, selling bad equipment that did not perform, and producing a loss for the builders. Apparently, the Senator had no idea that […]

May Issue of LightNOW Newsletter Published

Check out the month’s stories here. The newsletter typically goes from around the 25-28 of the previous month to the 25-28 of the current month, depending on how on where the dates fall. We like to send out the newsletter on a Monday for best response. Click here to join the more than 11,000 lighting […]

Bega’s “Urban Furniture”

BEGA/US has introduced the Urban Furniture bollard to provide robust, glare-free, wide light distribution for parks, schools and public spaces. The luminaire uses a 39W ceramic metal halide lamp, operates cool to the touch, and is available in standard BEGA colors: black, white, bronze, silver (and custom supplied on special order). Check it out here.

Lighting Design Profession Wins: Texas HB2649 to be Amended (updated)

Good news! It’s confirmed: The “lighting designer” language in Texas House Bill 2649 will be withdrawn and replaced with language requesting a study by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation of the feasibility of licensing in the industry, according to Texas State Senator Kip Averitt’s office. IALD President Jeff Miller said the combined grassroots […]

Keep Up The Pressure on Texas HB2649 (updated)

Your voice has been heard. There have been hundreds of phone calls, letters and emails over the past 48 hours about this potentially disastrous bill. Now here’s an update for Thursday, May 28. The latest word via discussions on LinkedIn and emails I’ve received is: * Senator Averitt’s office has indicated that he will be […]

JoAnne Lindsley’s Letter to Texas Representative Wayne Smith

I was copied on this letter that JoAnne Lindsley, a leading lighting designer, past president of IALD and principal of Lindsley Consultants Inc., wrote to Texas Representative Wayne Smith about the new bill, which has passed both houses of the state legislature, that essentially would require licensing to do lighting design. Rep. Smith initiated the […]

Veolia Launches Recycle a Bulb Network

At Lightfair, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Barry Jordan, National Sales Manager for recycling firm Veolia Environmental Services. He told me about his company’s new website,, designed to streamline collection of household CFLs for disposal and recycling. Utilities, efficiency programs and other collection organizations are invited to participate. Consumers go to […]

Grenald Waldron Associates Celebrates 40

Grenald Waldron Associates, a lighting design firm based in Philadelphia, has turned 40. Happy birthday!

IALD Urges Lighting Community to Respond to Texas Bill

IALD is hoping the Texas Senate Business & Commerce Committee will remove language restrictive to the profession as a “technical adjustment” when the bill is prepared for the Governor’s signature, or the eventual veto of the bill by the Governor should no changes in language be made. Here’s what IALD says we can do: 1. […]