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Circadian Lighting Pioneer Says The Science Isn’t Ready Yet

Mark Halper has an interesting article in LED’s Magazine interviewing Russell Foster, the scientist who predicted the non-visual receptors in the eye that are involved in the circadian response to light (pRGCs / ipRGCs). He says circadian lighting science isn’t ready yet, and there are too many unknowns.

Light + Health, Research

UK-Funded Study Publishes “Consensus View” For Circadian Lighting Recommendations

On March 17th, 18 circadian lighting researchers published a “consensus view” of circadian lighting recommendations, titled: Recommendations for daytime, evening, and nighttime indoor light exposure to best support physiology, sleep, and wakefulness in healthy adults, in the journal PLOS Biology. The authors include well-known circadian lighting researchers, George Brainard and Steven Lockley.

Light + Health, Research

Two New Sleep Studies Show Impacts Of Light On Young Children and Adults

Two new studies, one on young children, the other on adults, suggest detrimental health effects of light at night.

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LRC Proposes Two Metrics To Predict LED Product Life

Arguably, the biggest gap in LED metrics is a product lifetime metric and test procedure. Currently, the industry is rife with fraudulent emitter life claims used as LED system product life claims (lamps, luminaires, and engines).

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DOE Publishes Research On Connected Lighting Systems Challenges & Opportunities

In September 2021, the US Department of Energy (DOE) published a research study about how users and stakeholders engage with connected lighting systems (CLS) and make decisions during each step in the supply chain process, from production to operation, in commercial buildings in the United States.

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Luminaire Level Lighting Controls, Catching On or Catching Hell?

The Portland IES will feature a presentation by John Arthur Wilson of Fernhill Shopworks on Wednesday, February 16, at 11:45 am PST. Wilson will be presenting findings from his 2021 lighting controls research. The free webinar is open to anyone in the industry. No pre-registration is required. Use the link below to join the Teams event : “Luminaire Level Lighting [...]

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New International Lighting Non-Profit Founded In Canada

The All Things Lighting Association (ATLA) has been founded as a non-profit organization to advance, support, promote, and contribute to innovation, science, and engineering in all fields of lighting, including architecture, health, horticulture, and entertainment.


New Research Proposes A Framework For Window View Quality Within Buildings

A team of researchers have recently published new research on window views from within buildings and have proposed a new framework for designing “view quality” for window views.  The team identified three critical factors in determining view quality.


Recommended Methods for Subjective Evaluation of Color Rendition

A new study funded by the Department of Energy and published in Lighting Research and Technology reviews the commonly used psychophysical experimental techniques for investigating color rendition, where human participants are asked to evaluate various subjective aspects of the color appearance of objects, such as color preference, naturalness, or vividness.


MIT Engineers Use Nanoparticles to Create Rechargeable Light-Emitting Plants

Using specialized nanoparticles embedded in plant leaves, MIT engineers have created a light-emitting plant that can be charged by an LED. After 10 seconds of charging, plants glow brightly for several minutes, and they can be recharged repeatedly.


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