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Lighting Research Center Publishes Results of Field Test of Post-Top Photovoltaic Luminaires

NOTE: The bad link at the bottom has been fixed. The Lighting Research Center‘s DELTA program recently field tested photovoltaic-powered LED luminaires installed at three public, outdoor sites in the Catskill Mountains region of upstate New York. The luminaires were prototypes designed by Sullivan Renaissance, Philips Hadco and SolarOne Solutions. Click here to learn the [...]

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LED Street Lighting Field Test Results Published

LED technology continues to rapidly mature and is pursued as a street lighting alternative to traditional lamp sources categorized as HID lamps such as high pressure sodium. In order to quantify the performance of new LED street lighting options, lighting specifiers must compare the claimed benefits of LED fixtures, including long life, reduced maintenance, and [...]

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CLTC Demonstrates Philips Day-Brite’s NiteBrites HID Wall Packs

The California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) recently demonstrated Philips Day-Brite NiteBrites HID wall packs at California State University, Chico. The demonstration included replacing 13 150W high pressure sodium wall packs and one 70W HPS tall wall pack with 14 new bi-level HID fixtures at Shasta and Lassen halls. The retrofit increased light levels of the [...]


New Whitepaper Evaluates Impact of Outdoor Lighting on Human Circadian System

The Alliance for Solid-State Illumination and Technologies (ASSIST) recently published a technical paper that quantitatively evaluates the impact that outdoor lighting has on the human circadian system. A growing interest in the role that light plays on human health, combined with the increasing use of white outdoor lighting with high correlated color temperatures and a [...]

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DOE Releases Summary Results from Round 10 of CALiPER Testing

The Department of Energy recently announced that it has completed Round 10 of product testing through its CALiPER program. A Summary Report containing the results from the new testing is now available for download on the DOE SSL website here. Round 10 of product testing covered four main categories: parking structure luminaires, outdoor wallpack luminaires, [...]


Study: Supermarket Lighting May Boost Nutritional Value of Spinach

U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists recently stated the conclusions of a new study that found that supermarket lighting can help keep spinach fresh and producing new vitamins. Sorry, kids, it doesn’t make it taste any better. Get the story here.


ASSIST Recommendation Provides New Metrics for Specifying Color Properties in Retail Lighting

A recent survey of lighting designers and specifiers by the National Lighting Product Information Program showed that for retail applications, light source color properties are considered more important than any other light source criterion, including energy efficiency. To define light source color properties, the lighting industry predominantly relies on two metrics, correlated color temperature (CCT), [...]

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Lighting Design Can Reduce Anxiety For Tunnel Drivers

Norwegian researchers have found that good design and lighting can significantly reduce anxiety among travelers driving through tunnels, as reported by here. The article states: The main point is to obtain a good distribution of light, in conjunction with the use of artistic lighting, which turns out to give drivers a feeling of space [...]


Lighting Influences Taste of Wine and How Much Consumers Are Willing to Pay for It

Lighting influences how wine tastes and how much consumers are willing to pay for it, based on a series of three German experiments in which more than 500 people tasted white Riesling wines. The study report, “Ambient Lighting Modifies the Flavor of Wine,” was published in the December 2009 issue of Journal of Sensory Studies. [...]


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