5 Luminaires Win Red Dot Best Of The Best 2023

Luxo Adapt Free-Standing Luminaire Family, Glamox AS (Norway)

The following five luminaires won the Red Dot Best Of The Best 2023 Award:

Luxo Adapt Free-Standing Luminaire Family is manufacturered by Glamox AS, based in Norway. See the image above. This modular, free-standing luminaire can be positioned anywhere in an office. The mainstay of the collection is a delicately sculpted pole with a streamlined control panel built into it. This pole can be fitted with one of seven different head options, each tailored to various office scenarios – from a single desk to clusters of several desks. Depending on the desk layout in the office, one single luminaire can provide efficient lighting for up to four desks. Luxo Adapt luminaires thus not only contribute to a visually calm office environment but also reduce energy consumption. The sensors integrated into the luminaires also have a positive impact on energy efficiency. All settings are made via a sleek control interface with optimized layout, feel, and sounds for a pleasant and intuitive user experience. More details here.

Image: Luxo Adapt Free-Standing Luminaire Family, Glamox AS (Norway)

Tangram-Trace is manufactured by Eureka Lighting, based in Canada. See the image below. It has distinctive, wide straps to suspend narrow, linear light fixtures. The elongated rectangular light fixtures are available in three lengths, a canopy in the same shape and straps made of fabric about 10 cm wide. The straps hold the luminaire and conceal the flat power cable, which is invisibly integrated into the support strap construction. The straps are available in five colors and can be configured in twelve preset shapes. In addition, interior architects and designers can create custom designs in terms of form and color in collaboration with the manufacturer. A linear prismatic lens with ultra-thin aluminum housing and adjustable white range from 2,700 to 5,000 Kelvin emits high-quality diffuse light into the room. More information here.

Image: Tangram-Trace, Eureka Lighting (Canada)

Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp is manufactured by Redgrass SA, based in Switzerland. See the image below. The R9 Desk Lamp is a long-limbed, minimalist desk lamp made of powder-coated aluminum, whose calm appearance is accentuated only by a red cable. The luminaire head is formed by two independently rotating light elements equipped with high-performance LEDs. They allow the light to be focused on a specific area for maximum illumination or to be distributed evenly over a larger area. With a high color rendering index and a spectacular rendition of red colors (the value for R9, saturated red, is at 98), the R9 Desk Lamp makes colors look natural, appearing as if they were in daylight. Learn more here.

Image: Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp, Redgrass SA (Switzerland)

Shiftline M26 H+SBL is a linear lighting system manufactured by Delta Light N.V., based in Belgium. See the image below. The system combines a magnetic profile for surface mounting that can be easily and flexibly fitted – both alternatively and cumulatively – with a variety of pendant and spot modules for direct lighting and with linear LED elements for indirect lighting. The linear strip of light is an extremely minimalist luminaire that is perceived only as a continuous slender light line. By combining the two systems in one product, a lighting solution has been created that allows accent lighting and general lighting to be used in parallel and independently of each other. The lighting is controlled by DALI. More information here.

Image: Shiftline M26 H + SBL, Delta Light N.V. (Belgium)

Image: Shiftline M26 H + SBL, Delta Light N.V. (Belgium)

Crystal Recessed Downlights is manufactured by iGuzzini, based in Italy. See the image at the bottom. Crystal is a linear recessed ceiling luminaire that merges design, innovation and efficiency. The Opti Diamond optic optimizes a retro-reflective principle that combines reflection and refraction for exceptional brilliance at low luminance. The frame of the luminaire, in turn, captures the light emitted by the reflector and distributes it on to the ceiling. More information here.

Crystal Recessed Downlights, iGuzzini (Italy)

Image: Crystal Recessed Downlights, iGuzzini (Italy)


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