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10 Trends In Landscape Lighting

Coastal Source landscape LED lighting

The following 10 trends in landscape lighting have been compiled from multiple sources. All of these lighting trends can be applied to commercial as well as residential landscapes.

Linear Lighting

Linear strip lights can be applied to the bottom edge of an overhanging step tread or integrated into hardscape materials. They enhance safe mobility and functionality. Popular applications of linear lighting are staircases, around spas or sunken decks.

Linear lighting provides a cool, elegant and modern feel.

Pathway Lighting

Integrated lighting along pathways and outdoor stairs increases the security and safety of navigating after dark.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting integrates into a structure and is commonly used in paths, walls, roof soffits, decks or pergolas to shine down on the ground below or up a wall. Recessed lighting can achieve beautiful results while the source is invisible.


Color Changing & Tunable White

Colorful lighting adds fun and visual interest. Color can change mood. Colored lights pair well with water features. Changing colors can give the landscape a wardrobe change. It’s now possible to have color changing and tunable white in the same luminaire with RGBTW sources. Warmer CCTs are more popular in landscapes.

Decorative Sconces

Brass and copper sconces are popular, beautiful, and durable materials outdoors. Vintage and modern styles add flair.

Motion-Activated Lighting

Interactive lighting is a trend for public spaces. Lighting can respond to movement or sound. Motion-activated lighting can also reduce energy use and unnecessary brightness throughout the night.

Dark Sky-Friendly Lighting

Reduce light pollution with strategies such as full cut off lights, amber lights, and controls that reduce or turn off lights when they’re not needed.

Connected Lighting

Whether low voltage or line voltage, there are many connected lighting options that can be controlled by a mobile phone app or commercial building management system.

Lighting control can then be integrated with pool covers, sprinklers, hot tubs and security cameras. Connected lighting can add convenience and safety.

Solar Lighting

Solar lighting can eliminate trenching, cabling, and electricity costs. It can also reduce a property’s carbon footprint.

Lawn Bollards

Once only found at commercial businesses and parks, there are now more casual, versatile and decorative options available. Bollards can enhance a seating area, illuminate a path, or add modern flair to a pool.

Coastal Source Lawn Bollards

Many of these trends parallel the latest technology advancements in lighting. Consider some of them for your next landscape lighting design project.

All Images: Coastal Source

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