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Product Monday: Evluma’s RoadMax RX3 Delivers Unique Value-Added Features

Evluma recently announced the release of their most powerful streetlight model, the RoadMax RX3. I dug into the features and found some of them very interesting:

Photocontrol Failsafe:

Evluma created a redundancy in their fixtures’ time of day operation that eliminates the problem of a failed photosensor requiring a costly bucket truck repair. Photocontrol Failsafe maintains normal dusk-to-dawn operation of the RoadMax RX3 automatically should the photocontrol fail. Each luminaire is factory programmed with the customer’s location and NIST dusk-to-dawn timetables. Once a photocontrol is installed these products verify dusk-to-dawn for their unique service location and maintain operation if a photocontrol should fail. The fixture is automatically turned off during the daytime, even if a photocontrol fails. A more complete explanation of how Photocontrol Failsafe operates can be found here.

Evluma RoadMax RX3 Outdoor Lighting


ConnectLED is a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) mobile app that allows RoadMax RX3 owners to control, query, and dim Evluma products. Features include: one button service connect/disconnect, max brightness settings, 4 period custom dimming schedule, Faultcast luminaire status, and event history and location. More details on the ConnectLED app can be found here. See first image below.

Additional Control Options:

RoadMax RX3 has additional control options including traditional 3-pin and 7-pin photocontrol sockets, 0-10V dimming supports adaptive lighting and networked nodes. Options to combine socket configurations with Evluma’s integrated photocontrol are also available.

Glare Control:

Disability glare (aka Blinding Glare) is glare that reduces visual performance and visibility. RoadMax RX3 offers optional secondary Glare Control lenses to further reduce glare. See second image below. A light’s Veiling Luminance Ratio in a given environment indicates its ability to control Disability Glare. RoadMax RX3 meets all RP-8-22 metrics for Uniformity and Veiling Luminance Ratio. The added glare control features can eliminate both glare and associated complaints.


The RoadMax RX3 has a 10-year Warranty.

Surge Protection:

20kV/10kA Category High C surge protection is standard.

Luminaire Housing:

Each luminaire provides: Glass optics, enclosed, 4-bolt tenon clamp, tool-less access panel, easy-access 3-position terminal block, wildlife guard, powder-coated aluminum housing, and a bubble level.

More information on the RoadMax RX3 can be found here.

Top image: The new RoadMax RX3.

Image: ConnectLED mobile app.

Image: ConnectLED mobile app.


Image: Optional secondary glare control lenses for Evluma RoadMax RX3

Image: Optional secondary glare control lenses.

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