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More LED Chip Manufacturers Producing Laser Diodes

More LED Chip Manufacturers Producing Laser Diodes

A few LED chip manufacturers have produced laser diodes for some time, including: Nichia, Ushio, and the Soraa Inc spin out SLD Laser that was later acquired by Kyocera and rebranded Kyocera SLD Laser. The most recent example is Luminus Devices.

On January 30th, 2024, Luminus Devices announced the launch of green and blue laser diodes (LD) for applications, including: entertainment lighting, laser projection display, leveling and measurement, and biometric monitoring.

Their green LD has peak wavelength of 515 nm, an output power of 80 mW (CW), efficient operation under pulsed and CW mode, and single-mode diode laser technology. It also offers high-speed modulation capabilities and comes in a TO-56 package with a photo diode.

The Luminus blue LD peak wavelength is 455 nm and an output power of 100 mW (CW). It also operates under pulsed and CW mode, incorporates single-mode diode laser technology, provides high-speed modulation, and comes in a TO-56 package with a photo diode. Luminus’ press release states, “Luminus plans to significantly expand their laser portfolio in the near future with the introduction of additional wavelengths and advanced packaging solutions providing their customer base with a comprehensive array of LED and laser platforms tending to their specific market and application needs.”

More information on the Luminus LD product expansion can be found here.



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