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FLI’s Play Magnets Mini Track System Impressed

FLI’s Play Magnets Mini Track System Impressed

Each LEDucation, I’m fascinated by the handful of manufacturers showing micro luminaires. Last week, I saw fewer exhibitors with micro luminaires, but I may have just missed them.

One that I did see and stop to speak with was an Italian manufacturer, FLI. They specialize in micro fixtures for the high-end retail and retail display industries. The most extreme example was their “Play Magnets” mini track system. See images above and below. The smallest of four track fixtures in the family is the “Play Short.” The cylinder of the Play Short mini track light is only 0.6 inches in diameter by 0.7 inches in height. That’s similar in size to the top third of a pinky finger.

Beyond the tiny fixture size, all of the Play Magnets mini track heads had a beautifully elegant solution for pivoting in every direction, as well as holding the direction selected. The cylinder is held onto a ball joint by means of a very strong rare earth magnet. See the first image below. This magnetic ball joint allows rotation in full 2*Pi steradian solid angle, and is made possible by the very small size & weight of the track head fixtures.

More information on FLI and the Play Magnets mini track system is available here.

Image: David Shiller. The magnetic ball socket.


Image: The total overall Play Short mini track fixture dimensions are 1.9” x 0.9” x 1.6”.


Image: The Play Magnets mini track system: Play Short, Play Small, Play Medium, and Play Large.


Top image:


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