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Li-Fi Is Finding A Killer App: Gaming & Esports

Li-Fi Is Finding A Killer App: Gaming & Esports


Li-Fi utilizes light (typically infrared), instead of WiFi radio waves, to provide blazing fast, secure, wireless connectivity. There has been some Li-Fi adoption by military organizations around the world, but generally, overall adoption has been very slow. That may be about to change.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been writing about a new Li-Fi application that is likely to take off, namely gaming and esports. One startup, PhotonFi, has developed gaming platforms powered by Li-Fi.

Li-Fi’s use of light to transmit data minimizes interference in ways that far surpass Wi-Fi. Among its advantages, Li-Fi functions well in areas with a high density of users, it significantly reduces latency, and even operates through water.

In terms of the market opportunity, the U.S., alone, has more than 45 million esports viewers, and esports revenues are expected to exceed $1.5 billion by the year’s end. The global esports user base is anticipated to grow to 614 million by January 2024. Li-Fi can supercharge esports for better speeds and ultra-low latency that will improve gaming, streaming, and esports experiences.

Currently, Li-Fi technology is largely deployed in Europe for the military and aerospace sectors. In the U.S., PhotonFi says the company is already shipping Li-Fi devices, and as partners are added, expects to see it increasingly added to devices. For augmented and virtual reality applications, consumers can anticipate new gameplay mechanics for new challenges triggered by light, at a reduced cost.

PhotonFi says Li-Fi is currently ideal for larger-scale IT, enterprise, and gaming organizations. It’s not yet feasible for at-home or individual use. The good news is when the tech is more consumer-ready for gamers and esports athletes, activating it will be as simple as inserting a dongle into any standard gaming device and selecting Li-Fi for the network connection.

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