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Philips Hue To Release Security Cameras, Door & Window Sensors

Philips Hue To Release Security Cameras, Door & Window Sensors has leaked that Signify’s Philips Hue is planning to release new security cameras, as well as smart contact sensors for doors and windows. The company has not confirmed nor denied either product release. Smart home publications have rumored that Philips Hue will release four smart security cameras, representing a major new product direction.

Sister smart lighting brand Philips WiZ released an indoor security camera in May 2023, in the image above. The four new Philips Hue cameras are expected to include two wired cameras, one battery-powered camera, and one floodlight camera.

The smart contact sensors for doors and windows are reported to rely on Zigbee wireless connectivity. Pricing is rumored to be roughly $ 220 USD for the cameras and $ 44 USD for the contact sensor.

Existing Philips Hue home security offerings include:

  1. an already-offered smart motion detector, and
  2. a “mimic presence” feature that can randomly turn lights on and off to make a home appear occupied when it isn’t.

Signify’s CEO Eric Rondolat indicated on an investor call that a security camera can trigger lights as an alarm to homeowners or act as a motion sensor to turn lights on or off as people enter or exit a room.

Read more on TechHive here.

Pictured above: Signify Philips WiZ indoor camera released in May 2023.


Signify Philips Hue to release contact sensor for doors and windows. Image:


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