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Mexico Ends Summer Time Changes

Mexico Ends Summer Time Changes

In October 2022, the Mexican government passed a law ending seasonal clock changes that the Mexicans call “Summer Time” and the U.S. calls “Daylight Savings Time.” This March, most of Mexico did not ‘Spring forward,’ and are now in a permanent Standard Time. Similar legislation has been passed by the U.S. Senate, but has not received sufficient support to pass the House of Representatives.

Not all of Mexico will do away with Summer Time, however. There are some exceptions for Mexican areas close to the U.S. border. The state of Baja California is the only Mexican state that will continue to observe Daylight Savings Time, like its neighbor California (in the U.S.). Numerous border municipalities in the states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas will be able to continue applying daylight savings to keep their border cities in sync with the US side.

Studies have shown that changing the clock twice a year disrupts peoples’ circadian rhythms, and leads to more car accidents and alertness problems. More information on the story is available here.

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