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Fiber Optic Lighting Impressed At LEDucation

Ceiling designed with light using Universal Fiber Optic Lighting

At LEDucation, it was encouraging to see the advancements in fiber optic lighting. A company called Universal Fiber Optic Lighting USA (UFO) exemplified this maturing of fiber optic lighting, including the adoption of LED illuminators / light sources, attractive side-emitting fibers, and attractive end fittings, including European crystal. Perhaps what was most impressive was the sheer variety of custom capabilities. The five images that I’ve included with this post give a sense of the versatility and beauty possible.

UFO provides components to OEM manufacturers, creates custom architectural lighting systems for lighting designers, and provides custom lighting systems for upscale homes. Their LED illuminators run cooler & quieter than high-powered HID illuminators. Fiber optic lighting can have some advantages in outdoor and wet locations, as the electrical light source is separate/remote from the end fittings. For this reason, fiber optic systems can be well suited for pools, spas, saunas, and natatoriums.

The systems can be controlled stand-alone or as part of a full DMX control system. Lighting effects can include color changing, twinkling, and dimming.

End fittings can include:

  • Pavers for outdoor pathway lighting. Paver fittings can come with flat, domed, or frosted lenses. All paver fittings are manufactured from 316 stainless steel and tempered glass.
  • Indoor downlights. Downlight fittings can be fixed or articulated at different angles. They are manufactured from aluminum or polycarbonate in a range of colors and finishes.
  • Sparkle fittings delivering sharp points of light.
  • European glass crystal. Available in different sizes and chrome or gold flanges.
  • Wet area fittings. Stainless steel and sealed. They typically provide side lighting through the water.
  • Hermetically sealed fittings. Articulated fittings with an airtight seal. Ideal for museums and display cases. Made of aluminum with three o-rings for airtight seals.

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All Images: Universal Fiber Optic Lighting USA


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