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Some Decorative LED Lamps Won’t Meet DOE Proposed GSL Standard

Photo of candelabra type LED lamp.

Image: 1000 Bulbs.com

On December 22nd, I published a story about the U.S. DOE’s proposal to significantly increase general service lamp (GSL) efficacy requirements, here. I’ve since learned that many manufacturers of lamps and luminaires, in the decorative lighting industry, are concerned about certain classes of LED lamps that won’t meet the proposed new federal standard.

At issue are highly decorative LED lamps that won’t meet DOE December 2022 GSL proposal of approximately 120 lpw+. The exact efficacy requirement is a variable formula, based on lumen output and lamp type. Most at risk are frosted decorative, high CRI, low output, and smaller lamps that currently can’t meet the DOE proposed efficacy levels.

Both NEMA and ALA are planning comments to DOE to share industry concerns that some decorative LED lamp types can’t meet the proposed efficacy standard. The DOE Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) can be found here.

  • Peter Veto February 15, 2023, 12:56 PM

    So folks… it’s really easy and, most of all, EFFICIENT. If you need dim, warm and diffused light, just buy a high-glare, high-CCT LED first, then hide it behind filters and diffusers. You’ll sleep better than ever, knowing that the DOE loves you and that you’re saving the planet as well!


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