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Product Monday: Schneider Home Combines Electrification With Smart Home

A new level of integration between electrification and smart homes was introduced at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, last week. Schneider Electric unveiled its “Schneider Home” ecosystem that combines home electrification with IoT controls, including:

  • An entire smart main electrical panel called the Schneider Pulse that can control its own relays and acts as the brains
  • A 7.6kW inverter large enough for whole-home solar and a pair of batteries, with a dedicated EV charging port
  • A wall-mountable, stackable 10kWh battery called the Schneider Boost that can fit beneath the inverter
  • An 11.5kW level 2 EV charger, which unfortunately only charges rather than using your EV as a battery for your home
  • An array of smart outlets, dimmers, and light switches that the system can both control and monitor and which work with Alexa and Google Home

Homeowners that install the inverter and battery backup can, in the event of a power outage, use the mobile app to selectively choose which devices should keep running and which to turn off at the circuit, outlet, switch, or light fixture level. It provides users the ability to make choices to extend battery power, like remotely turning off an air conditioner or EV charging. And, there is an alert function for notification when the power returns so that the user can choose to resume normal power usage.

The Schneider Home energy management solution is modular in design and can be purchased as a full suite or incrementally as the homeowners’ needs evolve. The complete solution will roll out over the course of 2023. For more information, visit

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Images: Schneider Electric


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