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National Dark Sky Law Proposed In New Zealand

A group of dark sky advocates in New Zealand is actively advocating for a national law to promote dark skies and reduce light pollution. They recently published a document explaining dark skies and making the case for a national law in New Zealand. This month they launched a parliamentary petition to advocate for national legislation using the document in support of the petition. The advocates include the New Zealand Dark Sky Network ( and the Dark Skies Group of the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand.

Their legislative goals are the following:

  • To take account of the adverse effect of ALAN on flora, fauna, human health, energy waste, and observing the night sky;
  • Floodlighting of buildings is curtailed and subject to a curfew;
  • The upward light ratio (ULR) from any luminaire must be less than 1 percent;
  • There is a reduction of glare;
  • There is a reduction of blue light (CCT < 3000 K in towns; < 2400 – 2700 K rural);
  • Light trespass is banned everywhere;
  • Searchlights and lasers are banned or strictly controlled;
  • Illumination is less than 35 lux in towns and less than 10 lux in rural areas.

Would such a law in New Zealand lead to other countries instituting similar Dark Sky legislation, eventually impacting North America? The full document can be downloaded here.

Did you read our December 21, 2022 Dark Sky article about DLC’s compiled list of outdoor lighting ordinances? What are your thoughts on the movement toward regulating Artificial Light At Night? Let us know in the comments below.


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