In February, 2022, Zhaga approved Book 25 “NFC Readers with Bluetooth Interface for In-Field Programming”. This new Zhaga specification defines a Bluetooth Low Energy communication protocol for the communication between the field-maintenance application on a smart device and the Near Field Communication (NFC) reader. Together with Book 24, which describes the programming of luminaire components using NFC, these specifications solve the data management problems of smart luminaires with interoperable maintenance tools, enabling configurable luminaires that are easy to service over their entire lifecycle.

An increasing number of lighting applications require reading out parameters and changing settings of LED drivers in the field. Manufacturers of LED luminaires currently use a variety of methods for in-field programming. The new Zhaga NFC Books give installers, system integrators and utility companies the option to select just one programming tool which works with all field-maintenance applications from all vendors implementing Book 25, and all NFC-programmable devices implementing Book 24.

Zhaga Book 25 builds on Book 24 “Programming of Luminaire Components Using NFC”, and adds mobile NFC Readers with a Bluetooth Low Energy interface. It enables maintenance and replaceability with a cross-vendor harmonized method of NFC programming for in-field use.

The specification defines a Bluetooth Low Energy GATT-Service which NFC Reader manufacturers can implement for the communication between the field-maintenance application on a smart device (cell phone, tablet, etc.) and the NFC reader. This allows the field-maintenance application to read and write parameters on NFC enabled LED drivers without the need for a cable-based connection. Field maintenance with Book 25 may also be used for other components requiring programming, such as sensors or connectivity nodes.

Zhaga has also developed the Zhaga-NFC certification program for Book
24 and Book 25 which is available for Regular and Associate Zhaga
members and is provided by Zhaga accredited test centers listed on the
Zhaga website. Only certified NFC readers and NFC-programmable devices can carry the Zhaga-NFC logo. This certification builds trust in the interoperability of components. More information is available here.