One of the products that I heard a lot of people talking about at LightFair, was Ledalite
by Signify’s NatureConnect. The NatureConnect natural lighting system mimics the
natural patterns of daylight indoors to create a unique daylight experience. The intensity
and shadows change throughout the day. It creates interesting lighting scenes designed
to reconnect people with daylight cycles, and bring the outdoors in.

Ledalite / Signify claims NatureConnect:

  • Enhances wellbeing and circadian sleep/wake cycle.
  • Boosts performance: Makes people feel more energetic and stimulates interaction and collaboration.
  • Creates an inspiring environment.

Additional spec features include:

  • Tunable scenes to provide melanopic light doses at the right time of the day.
  • An intuitive user interface allows the user to choose from different Day Rhythm or Light Scenes.
  • A dual 0-10 V input to allow control of brightness (for daylight regulation), set the scene, or turn the system off.
  • Natural balance of horizontal and vertical illumination changing during the day.
  • Pre-commissioned automated behavior code-compliant UI & sensor.

More information is available here.