I’ve written before about the mounting scientific evidence of a dramatic global collapse in insect and bird populations due to white LED streetlights. I predict, over time, a return to amber streetlighting, but this time instead of HPS & LPS, it will be amber LED sources. This trend has already begun with several different manufacturers now offering amber streetlights. Another of my recent posts covered the recent DLC white paper about Non-White Light Sources For Nighttime Environments.

One of the pioneer manufacturers is Crossroads LED, whose innovative Astrophile Series street lights won the company the IDA’s 2021 Best Design And Technical Innovation Award. This award is given to individuals, organizations, or businesses that – through progressive design, construction, technological innovation, and entrepreneurship – support IDA and its mission to preserve night skies by promoting quality outdoor nighttime lighting.

The Astrophile Series is the first Phosphor Converted Amber (PCA) streetlight with a correlated color temperature range between 1650K and 2000K and a Narrow Band Amber (NBA) streetlight with a peak dominant wavelength of 592nm ±2.5nm. Most notably, the 1650K PCA and the 590nm NBA LEDs have zero emissions of short-wavelength blue light. Additionally, Crossroads LED incorporated an adjustable optical shield that reduces and eliminates both house and street-side light trespass, as well as a new aluminum housing designed exclusively to recess the LED lenses deep within the fixture, effectively reducing both nuisance and disability glare. Cities in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Missouri, and Washington state (USA) have all either committed or shown interest in the Crossroads LED “Astrophiles Series.”

More information is available here.