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Product Monday: It’s Not A Window, It’s LightGlass

LIGHTGLASS is a windowlight, an architectural element that brings the experience of a daylit window into any space. Through the integration of the latest LED lighting technology into the form and materials of a window, LIGHTGLASS is nearly indiscernible from a real window.

LIGHTGLASS is a patented, prefabricated UL-listed lighting system with the appearance of a window, with integrated aluminum extrusion, glass, gasketing, and LED light panel delivering 94+ CRI, UGR below 12, no perceptible flicker, greater than 89% uniformity, and an L70 rating of over 100,000 hours. LED drivers included, and a system warranty of a minimum of 5 years.

CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) ranges between 2200K and 6500K as a standard feature. It’s possible to specify a single static CCT or dynamic Tunable White: user-controlled changes in CCT, used to recreate the dynamic lighting conditions of a typical solar day. This can be achieved by pairing LIGHTGLASS with a 3rd-party control system.

LIGHTGLASS is designed to produce broad-spectrum light, similar to sunlight. Warm and cool tunable LEDs work in unison to create a dynamic and immersive circadian lighting experience.

LIGHTGLASS is designed to aid circadian health indoors, providing the recommended levels of vertical illuminance at eye level when applied as a clerestory or window. Units produce short wavelength 450nm-490nm light at higher CCTs, optimized for creating a circadian response. LIGHTGLASS meets the WELL Building Standard EML requirements for Working Environments, Learning Environments, Living Environments, and Break Rooms.

More information is available here.


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David Shiller
David Shiller is the Publisher of LightNOW, and President of Lighting Solution Development, a North American consulting firm providing business development services to advanced lighting manufacturers. The ALA awarded David the Pillar of the Industry Award. David has co-chaired ALA’s Engineering Committee since 2010. David established MaxLite’s OEM component sales into a multi-million dollar division. He invented GU24 lamps while leading ENERGY STAR lighting programs for the US EPA. David has been published in leading lighting publications, including LD+A, enLIGHTenment Magazine, LEDs Magazine, and more.


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