In February, 2022, NEMA published NEMA LL-10, Replacing HID Lamps with LED Lamps: Light Output Equivalency Claims. This document describes a method for claiming equivalency of LED lamps to the HID lamps they replace. The NEMA standard applies to omnidirectional lamps. (The equivalency for directional lamps is more complicated and requires simulation or mockups to establish). The intention is for manufacturers to use LL-10 when they prepare their equivalency claims.

Replacing high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps with light-emitting diode (LED) equivalents should be an easy and straightforward endeavor. However, currently, there are significant variations in the luminous flux (light output) of LED lamps claiming to be equivalent to a particular HID lamp wattage. When this happens, customer confusion and dissatisfaction can ensue and result in an unlevel playing field for manufacturers. NEMA provides value to the end-user and the manufacturing community with recommendations for when this scenario occurs.

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