A panel of lighting industry professionals held a conversation surrounding the ‘Great Resignation’ and other labor trends to watch for in 2022. In the 9th annual LD+A Lighting Jobs Outlook, The Pompeo Group convened a group of recognized leaders in lighting to prognosticate and share their insights on the industry’s job market, for the year to come. The manufacturing, distribution, lighting design, and rep agency worlds were all represented in this year’s panel, as was a “digital hub for education, inspiration, and entertainment” (better known as Lytei). It was also a geographically diverse panel, with participants from Colorado, North Carolina, the Bay Area, Chicago, British Columbia, and New York. The group includes: Jimalee Beno (president, Focal Point)Steve Crocker (senior vice president/general manager, U.S. construction, WESCO)Jeff Croskey (CEO, ALW)Andrea Hartranft (principal, Hartranft Lighting Design)Jean Jacques (executive vice president, SDA Lighting & Controls) and Sam Koerbel (founder, Lytei).

Topics discussed include:

  • The Great Resignation
  • How to attract new staff and retain existing staff?
  • Will business travel ramp back up in 2022?
  • What positions will most be in demand in 2022?
  • What positions will have less demand?
  • What products and technologies will create the most jobs in 2022?

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