The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Building Technologies Office (BTO), within the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), has published two new reports, 2022 DOE SSL Manufacturing Status & Opportunities and  Solid-State Lighting R&D Opportunities.


The SSL Manufacturing report examines high-priority opportunities to develop manufacturing technologies that will benefit energy-saving solid-state lighting (SSL) while also supporting an increased role in the global marketplace for U.S. manufacturing of lighting products.

The report looks at the LED chip, package, and luminaire markets and the OLED market, including production, supply chain, costs, pricing, and external influences. Characterization of the LED chip, package, and luminaire manufacturing process, equipment, and materials follows, with specific manufacturing opportunities called out. The final section looks at the OLED panel and luminaire industry with manufacturing opportunities pinpointed.

Download the full SSL Manufacturing Opportunities report here.

The SSL R&D Opportunity report examines the many critical opportunities that exist to positively impact energy savings, greenhouse gas emissions, human well-being, and the economy through research and development of light-emitting diode (LED)-based solid-state lighting (SSL). The document summarizes stakeholder input from DOE-hosted roundtable meetings, workshops, a Request for Information, and other sources.

Unlocking the next wave of advancements in SSL will require further breakthroughs in fundamental, early-stage R&D across the SSL value chain, as well as better understanding barriers to deployment for technologies with the highest decarbonization potential. This report provides detail on these advancements and the R&D necessary to make breakthroughs. Priority opportunity areas include:

  • Lighting Platform Technology R&D to support scientific, technological, integration, and manufacturing understanding and advancements of the LED technology platform that enable energy savings and support occupant health and productivity. Topics include material and device science, down-converter technology, diffuse light source materials and devices, optical delivery and control, power and functional electronics, advanced lighting concepts, and manufacturing technologies.
  • Lighting Science R&D to support research and understanding of fundamental lighting science and guide effective implementation of LED light source technology. Topics include lighting application efficiency (LAE) framework and human physiological impacts of light.
  • Lighting Integration and Validation to support field research to transition new lighting technology and understanding to practice and quantify the benefits. Topics include translating lighting research findings to practice and connected lighting with integrated controls and grid-interactive capabilities.

Download the full SSL R&D Opportunity report here.