I have some big news to share today. Lighting Solution Development, a consulting firm specializing in the lighting industry, has entered into an agreement with my company to acquire LightNOW. The acquisition is expected to complete in January 2022, subject to closing conditions.

Lighting Solution Development is a consulting firm providing a broad range of business development, consulting, and recruiting services to help lighting businesses grow and become more profitable. It is headed by David Shiller, a lighting industry veteran, insider, and expert.

Under the terms of the deal, I was invited and was happy to accept remaining a contributor to LightNOW, supporting the new editorial team headed by Suelynn Shiller, COO at Lighting Solution Development.

For 20 years, LightNOW has served as an important voice and news source in a rapidly changing industry. I have absolute confidence that David and Suelynn will not only continue LightNOW’s excellent editorial tradition but take it to the next level with fresh insight and energy, making it even more relevant and useful for lighting practitioners both in the United States and abroad.

Starting in 2022, the editorial and advertising contact for LightNOW will be Suelynn Shiller at suelynn@lightingosld.com.