Hello, reader! Okay, this isn’t strictly a farewell, as I’ll still be contributing to LightNOW, but I have stepped down as its editor.

It has been my privilege and honor to deliver lighting news and opinion for the past 20 years at LightNOW, one of the first things I started doing after leaving ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING back in 2001. During that time, LightNOW chronicled major changes in the industry, notably a technological shift to LED lighting and advanced controls. It’s been a wild ride for a previously staid industry, and staying informed has never been more important.

Codes, standards, regulations, products, people, metrics, construction news, awards, opinion, how-to guidance, it’s all here at LightNOW, every day, archived. Since 2013, when we switched to WordPress, LightNOW posted more than 4,250 times, each item something useful for lighting practitioners.

As for me, again, I’ll remain a contributor to LightNOW while also continuing to support other industry stalwarts such as the Lighting Controls Association, NALMCO, ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR, tED Magazine, and other organizations, publications, and manufacturers. But I’m excited about Suelynn and David Shiller taking the editorial and publishing reins and guiding the site and newsletter to new heights with fresh insight and energy.

So thank you for visiting and reading LightNOW, and congratulations to Suelynn and David!