The Light and Health Research Center now has an online presence with a section on its parent organization Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai’s website.

The Light and Health Research Center was founded by Dr. Mariana Figueiro, who made a significant impact on the lighting industry in her role as director of the Lighting Research Center. She now heads up the Light and Health Research Center as Director and Senior Faculty, Population Health Science and Policy.

The mission of the organization is stated by Dr. Mark Rea:

Among the many projects underway, we are looking at how robust patterns of light and dark improve sleep for people from many walks of life, from submariners to premature infants to senior citizens and, indeed, to all who work in offices, schools, and factories. We are developing lighting schemes to improve the lives of those living with conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and depression, and those who are undergoing cancer treatment or recovering from traumatic brain injury. We are also exploring the science and application of ultraviolet light to improve vitamin D production in populations who do not get enough sunlight, to control agricultural plant pathogens, and to serve as a germicidal disinfection strategy in the built environment. We are also developing new lighting technologies for safer transportation, from less glaring and more effective lighting for emergency vehicles to airport ground lighting that is better visible to pilots.

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