The Board of Directors of the Richard Kelly Grant selected Trinetra Manickavasagam, MFA and Yulia Tyukhova PhD, LC, as recipients of this year’s Richard Kelly Grant. The Grant recognizes and encourages creative thought and activity in the use of light. Since its inception in 1980, more than 50 lighting designers, researchers, artists, and innovators have received the grant. Cash awards will be granted to the recipients along with recognition for preserving and incorporating Richard Kelly’s ideals, enthusiasm, and reverence for light in their own work.

Trinetra Manickavasagam recently received her MFA in Lighting Design from Parson School of Design. She received a Grant for her work that examines the perception of source color changes in LEDs while dimming. Manickavasagam applied an evidence-based design process to determine if commercially available luminaires change color temperature when operated at different intensities. She intends to continue her research in order to evaluate whether her measured results can be correlated with viewer perceptions.

Yulia Tyukhova PhD, LC, received a Grant for her research in the fields of discomfort glare and lighting quality. Dr. Tyukhova is an independent researcher who has been a leader in the area of Discomfort Glare in the Outdoor Nighttime Environment (DGONE). Her work has included measuring and defining discomfort glare from bright light sources in high contrast environments. She was able to use this knowledge to develop a patented luminaire that minimizes glare potential. Dr.Tyukhova has also been an active spokesperson and educator on the topic of DGONE and has delivered an IES Education Webinar on the subject.