My contribution to the February issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR summarizes the major lighting changes in ANSI/ASHRAE/IES 90.1, which is now the official national energy reference standard.

The big 2016 version changes include:

  • Reduction in interior and exterior lighting power allowances.
  • Threshold for LPD and automatic shutoff requirements applying to lamp-plus-ballast and one-for-one luminaire replacement retrofits is raised from 10% to 20% of connected lighting load.
  • All nonexempted lighting must be turned off when not in use, including “night lighting” on emergency circuits not required by life/safety statute.
  • Using scheduling or occupancy sensors, dusk-to-dawn exterior lighting must be capable of reducing lighting power by at least 50% (up from 30%) when not being used. Certain parking area luminaires must use an occupancy sensor.
  • Light sensors part of daylight-responsive control systems can be calibrated without a person being present, which recognizes automatically and remotely commissioned sensors.
  • To promote use of luminaire-integrated occupancy sensors, lighting in open-plan offices can automatically turn on to more than 50% of connected power, as long as the control zone is no larger than 600 square feet.

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