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ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Publishes Article About Light and Color

Lighting choices can affect how we perceive spaces, even the colors of objects and surfaces. As a result, lamp color characteristics are a critical factor in a wide range of spaces, from high-end retail, where merchandise must be presented as vibrant and in its true colors, to offices, where good lighting renders faces naturally and facilitates interaction. Although almost all architectural lighting uses white light, white is available in many hues and color rendering abilities, providing a palette of choices for lighting spaces.

Check out this article I wrote for ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR, which describes the science of color vision, popular metrics used to evaluate and predict the color performance of lighting products, and guidelines that can support successful application.

  • Mukesh Varde December 3, 2012, 12:22 AM

    Interesting article!!
    you had made a beneficial analysis on lighting, the way the individuals see color and how people tend to prefer light at different areas/regions and you even explained how to take full advantage of the lighting system.nice work.useful!!


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