The U.S. chapter of the International Commission on Illumination (Commission International de l’Eclarage) – CIE/USA is hosting a series of seminars on solid-state lighting. The seminars begin at 7:00AM, May 19, 2011 at the Philadelphia Airport Courtyard Hotel (Philadelphia, PA), the last day of LIGHTFAIR, which is being held in the same city May 17-19.

Seminar topics include:

• Fundamentals of Photometry and IESNA LM-79,
• Fundamentals of CIE Colorimetry and Color Measurement,
• Color Quality of Light Sources,
• Importance of Terminology – New ILV edition and RP-16,
• Current Applications of Solid State Technology in Roadway and Street Lighting,
• Mesopic Vision – Review and Application of CIE 191:2010,
• Model Lighting Ordinance (MLO),
• Blue light hazard research,
• Flicker, and
• Summary of Laboratory accreditation summary related to SSL.

Speakers include:

• Bud Brainard,
• Dr. Wendy Davis,
• Dr. Ronald Gibbons,
• Dr. Cameron Miller,
• Terry McGowan,
• Naomi Miller, and
• Dr. Yoshi Ohno.

For more information, contact Thomas M. Lemons here.