CIE/USA, the U.S. National Committee of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), is offering a one-day series of seminars on the photometry, colorimetry and application of solid-state lighting. Experts will present:

* basic concepts
* advanced techniques
* state of the art research on the characterization and measurement of light and lighting
* discussions of international lighting recommendations for roadway lighting and issues of vision and health

Scheduled speakers include Dr. Cameron Miller, NIST; Dr. Yoshi Ohno, NIST; Dr. Wendy Davis, NIST; Dr. Ronald Gibbons, VTTI; Dr. Rolf Bergman, Rolf Bergman Consulting; Mr. Terry McGowan, IDA; Mr. Philip Wychorski, Orion Standards LLC.

This event is scheduled in conjunction with the 2010 IES Annual Conference in Toronto on November 10, 2010 at the same hotel.

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