This year, I have the pleasure of joining Howard Wolfman, recently retired from OSRAM SYLVANIA and now principal of Lumispec Consulting, in presenting the “What’s New in Lamps and Ballasts” seminar at Lightfair International in New York City.


The seminar (course #L09S22) will be held 4:30-6:00 PM on Wednesday, May 6.

This seminar is a veritable institution at Lightfair, very well attended. It has gotten some criticism for alternately being too generally focused on trends in some years, without enough focus on what’s truly new, and too specifically focused on what’s new in other years, with too much promotion of individual manufacturers.

Howard and I are trying to take a different approach this year. We went to the product managers at a large number of lamp and ballast companies and asked them to report the top innovations in the field over the past 1-2 years. For each innovation, we are identifying 1) what it is, 2) how it compares to the standard offerings in the field, and 3) how it changes design or lighting application. Needless to say, everybody promoted their own companies’ innovations, but we removed all references to manufacturers to satisfy our requirement to make the presentation generic.

Hopefully the result will strike the proper balance and offer the lighting community a satisfying presentation!

We will also be covering LED replacement lamps. While there have been some strides in this area recently, to date the results have been disappointing so we won’t be presenting individual innovations but rather presenting the DOE CALiPER results of testing of a large number of LED A-lamp, candelabra and T8 lamp replacements.

If you’re attending Lightfair, be sure to attend this important event. Click here to see the conference program in a quick-glance format (PDF file).