NCQLP has announced that 299 lighting practitioners sat for the 2008 Examination. With a pass rate of 78.4%, the number of Lighting Certified (LC) individuals has been increased by 228, bringing the total up to 1,821, including six intern LCs.


Of those who successfully completed the 2008 examination, 12% identify themselves as electrical engineers and 28% as lighting designers/consultants. Other candidates included 15% manufacturers’ representatives and 18% sales representatives.

In my opinion, the LC certification is a critically important credential to an industry that needs to keep up with demand for knowledgeable practitioners and increase lighting quality across the board, not just those 10% or so of projects that are designed by the industry’s leaders. The LC helps to democratize, encourage and promote expertise in lighting design.

NCQLP has been at this for a while, though, and we need many more LCs on the street. How do we as an industry increase the number of certified individuals?

Feel free to comment. Are you an LC? If so, what has the credential done for you? If not, why not?

By the way, the 2009 LC exam will be held Saturday, November 7. The 2009 LC Candidate Handbook will be made available April 2009. Click here to learn more about the LC.