Philips Helps LED Manufacturers Comply with ENERGY STAR

Philips Lumileds has launched a free online tool that makes it easier for LED manufacturers to show compliance with ENERGY STAR standards. The tool addresses the requirements of the “Chromaticity and Spatial Uniformity” test for LED lighting that requires the beam of light to appear the same color to the human eye, regardless of which area of the beam the viewer looks at or where they are at in relation to the light source.

To show compliance with these requirements, the lighting manufacturer must have their product tested by an independent laboratory, which will produce a data set showing the color of the light output while under a wide variety of conditions. In many cases, this is a difficult and time-consuming process. With Lumileds tool, manufacturers simply enter the data set from their test lab, and the tool automatically performs all necessary calculations.

To use the tool, click here. (Warning: If you have pop-up blocking software, you may have to turn it off to access the tool.)

Speaking of Philips Lumileds, they have published a nifty LED glossary here.


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