Hubbell Lighting’s Remedi™ LED multi-function bed light features four distinct optical compartments to eliminate the need to physically move any portion of the luminaire housing to utilize key lighting functions. This is a radical departure from the traditional solutions and an innovation that allows the healthcare professional to more efficiently accomplish critical patient evaluations, eliminates a potentially hazardous activity over the patient, and reduces the chance of contamination. Its use of LED sources enabled a new form that provides an alternative to traditional “flip-top” solutions.

A molded linear optic is incorporated into the exam compartment to direct light precisely on the bed surface while the ambient source provides a soft indirect contribution. The ambient source is energized when the examination function is engaged. This approach to exam illumination delivers more than 100 average footcandles on the patient bed with a uniformity under 5:1 max:min, meeting industry recommendations. Remedi can be specified in one of four color temperatures (3000K, 3500K, 4000K or 5000K) and with either a >80 or >90 CRI.

Another departure from the norm is Remedi’s use of an air gap between the optical housing and wire way. This approach provides a lighter overall appearance and presents the opportunity to incorporate an optional full-length indirect night light. By hiding the aperture of the night light, there is zero glare, adding to patient comfort. It is available in either 3000K white light or amber (590 nm) to minimize disruption to a patient’s sleep patterns. Another option is the three-way night light switching that offers On/Off and light level control. This control turns on the night light at 25 percent. The light level can then be increased to match the task, ensuring patient comfort and staff satisfaction.

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