Tuesday’s elections had a number of upsets, one of which was Democrat Lee Carter, a Marine veteran and Democratic Socialist, winning a 9-point victory over Delegate Jackson Miller, a Republican incumbent who is the House Majority Whip. His decision to run for political office was inspired by the aftermath of an injury he received installing a lighting control system connected to a miswired lighting control panel.

New Republic has the story here. Here’s what he said:

“I was installing lighting control systems and I got shocked because the lighting control panel I was working on was miswired by an electrician,” [Carter] told [the article’s author] in Manassas last month. “I got a 245-volt shock—in one hand, out the other—right across the chest.” He blew out his back in the incident. He could barely walk for months. His frustrating battle with the state to get workers’ compensation for his injury inspired him to enter politics. “When I was able to walk again … I decided I’m not just going to walk. I’m going to run for something because nobody should have to go through this.”