The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) recently announced the release of Technical Requirements V4.2 for solid-state lighting products, affecting qualification for listing in the Qualified Products List. From the DLC website:

New Testing and Reporting Requirements for Hazardous Location Lighting

Under the V4.2 requirements, products applying to a Specialty Use designation with a Hazardous descriptor must undergo testing and certification to UL 844 by a relevant safety organization.

Linear Replacement Lamps

Under the V4.2 requirements, Four-foot Linear Replacement Lamps are broken into three General Application designations, with distinct eligibility, testing, and performance requirements.

* T8 Replacement Lamps: LED lamps that are 48 inches long and employ a G13 base
* T5 Replacement Lamps: LED lamps that are 46 inches long, employ a G5 base, and are intended to replace T5 fluorescent lamps. Fixture level tests
* T5HO Replacement lamps: LED lamps that are 46 inches long, employ a G5 base, and are intended to replace T5HO lamps


The concept of Allowances was first introduced with the release of Technical Requirements V4.0. Following review and deliberation of submissions received from manufacturers in response to a request for proposals on Allowances needs, the DLC is pleased to launch the Allowances program with allowances of up to 5% to the efficacy requirement for products that have low CCT or high CRI. Please note: V4.2 Allowances for CCT and CRI will be retroactively applied to all products on the QPL prior to 4/1/2017 (that is prior to the V4.0 de-listing).

Correction to Multiple LED Policy

Technical Requirements V4.2 includes a correction the Multiple LED policy, which previously was restricted to products employing multiple white-light LEDs only. This restriction is now removed.

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