My contributions to the December issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR included a prominent feature on flicker in light sources, notably LED. What’s being done about it at the industry level and what specifiers can do about it to ensure good performance.

The article begins:

flickerFlicker in light sources is an old problem made new again in the LED age. Its effects range from annoying to debilitating, and solving it can be challenging. Even defining flicker is difficult. Whether a problem is likely to occur depends on the light source, lighting conditions, how sensitive occupants are to it and the tasks being performed.

The solution is to ensure proper installation to minimize chances of electrical noise, choose LED products with high-quality drivers, and pair these products with compatible dimming controls.

Last year, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) issued recommendations for minimizing flicker based on existing metrics, though this data is underreported in product information. New metrics are on the horizon that should help manufacturers test and describe their products. Meanwhile, specifiers should evaluate partners and their products carefully and test products for themselves.

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