2015 BeveLED 2-1 Brochure.inddArmstrong Ceiling Solutions and USAI Lighting have partnered to provide architects and designers with the opportunity to place LED recessed downlights at the intersections of acoustical ceiling suspension systems, allowing lighting to be placed where it was once impossible.

The new integrated ceiling solution, Intersection Downlighting, includes an Armstrong Ceilings Intersection Downlighting kit with a snap-in-place downlight suspension frame for luminaires, high-profile yoke, directional cross tees, and connection clips.

Compatible 9/16” suspension systems include Silhouette XL ¼’’ and 1/8’’ Reveal, Suprafine XL, and Interlude XL High Recycled Content in both White and Blizzard White colors. A new, pre-cut, factory-finished, notched Calla ceiling panel has been designed to eliminate field modified panels.

The USAI Lighting CONNECT family of downlights have been designed and precision-engineered for seamless compatibility with the Armstrong Ceilings Intersection Downlighting kit.

By providing a seamless integration of ceiling panels, suspension systems, and LED luminaires at the intersection, this new solution allows for a novel alignment of lighting and architecture.

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