The 2016 Lighting for Tomorrow awards recognized 19 products in this year’s competition. Lighting for Tomorrow is an annual competition that recognizes excellence in energy-efficient lighting product design.


Two grand prize winners are being lauded as the overall top products in terms of innovation, design and engineering, and light quality:

* Trulux system by American Lighting, Inc.
* Seraph Chandelier by Blackjack Lighting


The judges selected two honorable mentions:

* Hadley 3308CM ceiling mount fixture by Hinkley Lighting
* Torque 27 pendant by LBL Lighting


The functional lighting category resulted in five winners and two honorable mention distinctions. The winners are:

* Super LED Garage Light by Acuity Brands Lighting
* Slate Pro Edge by AFX, Inc.
* Lucarne LED Niche Light by Ambiance Lighting Systems
* 4″ Sloped Ceiling LED Downlights by Juno Lighting Group (Acuity Brands)
* Landscape Accent Light by WAC Lighting

The EcoSense TROV LED Linear Platform and the AFX, Inc. Carlisle fixture received honorable mentions.


The products awarded the designation of Filling a Market Need are examples of products that are newly available using LED technology or representing product types in which the quality of LED performance has increased noticeably. The four products awarded include:

* 73191 B-type LED Vintage Bulb by Globe Electric Company
* LED Warm-on-Dim BR30 Lamp by MaxLite
* Landscape In-ground Light by WAC Lighting
* AETHER Shallow 3.5″ Recessed Downlight by WAC Lighting


The products that are awarded the Value designation are examples of high quality lighting at a price point similar to incumbent, less efficient technology. Four products were recognized in this category:

* LED Contemporary Vanity/Sconce by Acuity Brands
* Sloane by AFX, Inc.
* 62591 fixture and LED filament bulb by Globe Electric Company
* 3-Way Omnidirectional A-Lamp by MaxLite

The competition revealed several key trends:

* Connected lighting is continuing to expand
* Quality of dimming is improving, including a reduction in flicker
* Growing offerings of products with color tuning capability
* Dim-to-warm products are improving (not too amber at deep dim levels)
* Growing offerings of products with interchangeable parts or lighting kits to luminaires can be quickly and easily customized

Click here to download the 2016 Lighting for Tomorrow brochure, which provides more information about the winners.