Philips Lighting’s LightVibes is an innovative ambient LED lighting technology that is synced to on-screen content with the power to create fully immersive movie-going experiences.

Introduced in London in 2014, LightVibes transforms the cinema experience by bringing new excitement to on-screen content, including feature films, musical performances, advertising and more. This unique visual media system delivers compelling ambient video and surround lighting effects to every viewer’s peripheral field of vision, intensifying the experience and making it feel more real. Philips LightVibes delivers true immersive cinema that empowers theater owners to expand their businesses, while opening up new creative opportunities for film producers, lighting designers, event planners and others.

In a collaboration with Disney Music Group, Philips Lighting launched LightVibes in the U.S. at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles on February 16. An audience of music and film industry professionals and artists experienced the technology along with music video footage from the Star Wars Headspace album, an inspired-by compilation by some of the top and emerging electronic music artists, featuring tracks that integrate sound effects and dialogue from the Star Wars films. The Rick Rubin-produced album includes original tracks by Kascade, TroyBoi, GTA, Flying Lotus and A-Trak, among others. Star Wars Headspace was released digitally on February 19, and became available on CD on March 18.

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