The TALQ Consortium, developing a global standard for interfaces to manage outdoor lighting networks, has made a significant step towards the official rollout of the TALQ Certification Program.

During the first TALQ plug test in Valencia, Spain, the specially developed Test Tool – to be used to test outdoor lighting products for TALQ-compliance – was successfully applied with various control technology implementations. Several central management and TALQ bridge systems were also tested for compatibility against each other. The results confirm that the test procedures are nearly ready for the launch of the Certification Program.

One important factor for cities and communities on their way to becoming a “Smart City” is street lighting. Because road lighting on one hand has a huge impact on the safety and quality of life in a city, and on the other hand requires a significant spend on energy and maintenance for a smooth operation. For all entities maintaining outdoor lighting networks, there are three key factors. First, they want to build up future-proof systems, because investments have to prove their suitability for decades. Second, they want intelligent platforms to guarantee efficiency and flexibility in operation. And last, they do not wish to be tied to a single supplier but prefer a sound competition and strive for compatibility between components of different vendors.

To support all of these market needs, the TALQ Consortium, an open initiative composed of leading lighting industry players, is working on setting a global standard for the interface to control and monitor diverse outdoor lighting networks (OLNs).

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